Thursday, March 9, 2017

Planets: Known and Unknown

NASA made an exciting announcement in February.  Researchers have discovered seven planets orbiting a small star, located about 40 light years from Earth.  The planets are similar in size to Earth; researchers are excited about the possibility of water or even life on these exoplanets.

Photo Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech

We’ve put together a new Special Edition - Planets: Known and Unknown - for any students (or educators) with an interest in space and space exploration. Obvious curriculum connections are Grade 6 and 9 Science but educators may also find connections in Physics 20 and Biology 20. We’ve included some interesting sites, articles, lesson plans and videos about the search for exoplanets and plans for space colonization. As always, you will find a number of engaging interactives for students.

So, who’s ready to start planning their new home in the TRAPPIST-1 System?

By Don Davis [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Monday, March 6, 2017

In Like a Lion

You know the old saying “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.”  We’re all waiting for spring, for that moment when we can definitively say “the snow is gone. Bring on spring weather!”  The forecast for Edmonton this week is cold and snow.  I guess we’re getting the lion.
Here’s a look at some of the Enjoy pages and Special Editions that we’ll be featuring during this month of erratic weather, report cards and spring breaks.

Are you interested in Les Rendez-Vous de la Francophonie and Francophonie history and culture in Canada and Alberta? Check out this Enjoy page for links and information.

St. Patrick’s Day
Visit this Enjoy page for St. Patrick’s Day themed class activities and art projects. You'll also find some interesting information about Irish culture, the history of St. Patrick and the Irish in Canada.

The Dietitians of Canada celebrate Nutrition Month in March.  Their theme this year is “Take the Fight out of Food”.  Our Special Edition is filled with interactives and resources that teachers can use during health and nutrition units. There are resources for both elementary and secondary students.

Have a great March.  Next up from us is a fantastic new resource about exoplanets, space colonization and the planets in our own solar system.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

What's on in February?

Did you know that February is one of the two busiest months on our website?  Our Enjoy pages about Valentine’s Day and Halloween compete yearly for the most use by teachers and students.

St. Valentine’s Day - This popular Enjoy page is filled with resources about the history of St. Valentine’s Day, related literature, crafts, teacher-led activities and online interactives. The Interactive Folio of Romeo and Juliet is a perennial favourite.

Black History Month - Find great resources about Black History in Canada including videos and interactive timelines.  Learn about Viola Desmond, who will be the first Canadian woman to appear on the face of a Canadian banknote, the $10 bill.

Don’t miss out on our Special Editions.

At the Box Office - This has great activities and sites for film studies during the movie awards season.  You’ll find resources about movie-making, including techniques, tools and more.

And if you haven’t checked it out yet, take some time to look at our newest special edition about the Group of Seven, their unique style and connection to Canadian national identity.

Coming up soon, an updated special edition about sea ice.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Exploring the Group of Seven - Style, Influence and Canadian National Identity

In November 2016, a painting titled Mountain Forms, by Group of Seven member Lawren Harris, became the most expensive artwork ever to sell at a Canadian auction.

Macleans magazine reports that “of Canadian artwork sold in the last 50 years, six of the top 10 most expensive were Harrises, each having sold for more than two million dollars, according to the Canadian Art Sales Index. “He’s the cultural manifestation of what the Canadian soul is all about”.”
Framed by Fortune.  Macleans magazine, November 25, 2016

We wanted to explore the style of the Group of Seven and the influence their landscapes have had, not only on Canadian art, but on our sense of Canadian national identity.  This new Special Edition has resources about the Group of Seven as a unit as well as about the artists themselves.  You will also find resources and links that explore some of the actual places used for the artists’ landscapes.  Learn about the Group of Seven’s unique style and their success and influence in the Canadian and international art communities.  As always, we have included lesson plans in our Teacher Resources section and online interactives for students.

Visit our new Group of Seven Special Edition at: