Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bats, Spiders and Zombies in the Classroom

Fall has officially arrived - I think that gives us permission to start talking about and planning for Halloween.  And can we mention, zombies?

We have a few Enjoy pages that are filled with crafts and activities for these occasions.  Of course, we’ve included many seasonally themed science, math and language arts activities as well.

We Give Thanks is filled with autumn-themed arts and crafts, curricular interactives and resources about fall science. Look at the Literature section to find e-books and poetry for Thanksgiving and Fall.

Enjoy Halloween is a collection of resources that will help you take advantage of opportunities for spooky fun and learning.  You’ll find stories, poems, online interactives, math and science activities, arts and crafts and recipes for treats.

Creepy, Crawly and Cool
For all those students who love to read and learn about animals, this collection of resources about bats and spiders includes videos, online stories in both fiction and non-fiction, and mythology.  Don’t miss the teacher resources to help get your students interested in the creepy and crawly.

Z is for Zombie
This Enjoy page is for those older students who enjoy the current pop culture fascination with zombies. There are resources for CTF and CTS students about costume and makeup.  There are also some sites and videos that take a look at cultural and scientific explanations for zombies. Be sure to check out the zombie-themed resources for teaching STEM subjects.

How will you use some of these great resources to engage your students in some fun seasonal learning?