Thursday, March 5, 2015

Webinars...Like Walking on the Moon

As you can see, we’ve spent some time in our office talking about webinars: how to make them engaging, how to get people to attend in groups and how to make them worth your time and our time. So, acknowledging that webinars are a hard sell, we’ve been playing around with different formats, times and options.  Using great new content (hot topics!), we’ve created some standalone sessions and some webinars in series. Click here to see our latest webinar offerings.

Our final thought: We do believe in the PD power of webinars and while we acknowledge that attending a webinar can be kind of like standing in a telephone booth talking to yourself, we think it’s also a little like walking on the moon. So walk on the moon with us. If you have some technical trouble along the way, give us a call, we’ll help you. We’re working hard to make this easier for you.  If you have ideas about how to make our webinars more valuable to you, let us know. We’re always listening...even when we’re on the moon.