Thursday, November 20, 2014

Start the conversation - November 16 - 22 is Bullying Awareness Week


Bullying, to me, starts very small around the kindergarten age where the first thing we learn is to call each other names. Something so small can be so long lasting in someone's life.[Shane Koyczan]

There’s a wealth of interactive media that you can use with your students to start a conversation about bullying, no matter what their age. We’d like to share three examples.

For younger students, here are some friendly faces to help students have a conversation about feelings and being a good friend.  From PBS, this interactive video - So Funny I Forgot to Laugh - shows Arthur making some jokes at Sue Ellen’s expense.  When Arthur is making jokes, is he being funny? Is he going too far and hurting Sue Ellen's feelings?  

For older students, here are two great examples, created right here in Canada.

Words Hurt is an interactive video experience about how our words affect others. In real time,  you have an online interaction with the young woman on the screen.  Fill in the box with positive or negative words to see how she reacts.  

To This Day is a powerful and beautiful slam poem by Shane Koyczan. The animated poem describes how bullying touches us all.  From this TED link, you can access a short quiz in the Think section and additional information about Shane in Dig Deeper.  

You will find many linked sites for teachers or students in our Cyberbullying and Bullying special edition.  We know that you will be considering necessary conversations not just this week, but all the school year through. Be proactive, not just reactive. In planning for conversations about treating others fairly and respectfully in your classroom, use’s curated collection of resources as a place to start!