Monday, October 20, 2014

Things that go bump in the night…

Halloween is finally just around the corner. We say finally because those big seasonal Halloween costume outlets appeared before this school year began!  It seems that Halloween is now one of the three biggest retail events of the year.  This infographic below confirms the kind of spending and other activities we Canadians engaged in for Halloween 2013. Imagine what those figures will be in 2014!

Before it became a big retail event, in its simpler form, the spirit of Halloween was about stories, crafts and homemade costumes - and a chance to become really scared - in a fun way!  
In schools we have a real opportunity to enjoy the Halloween spirit without it being a financial burden. Stories, poems, online interactives, Math and Science activities, Arts and Crafts and recipes for treats, like those found in our Happy Halloween enjoy page, are all ways that we can enjoy the season in a positive way.  

For students who are a little older, zombies are still trending as a topic of interest, given current TV programs and many popular movies.  Want to engage junior and senior high students in some zombie-related literature?  Try our Z is for Zombie enjoy page.

New this year to’ s Halloween-themed pages is our Creepy, Crawly but Cool page. For all those students who love tiny things that go bump in the night, this is a collection of resources about bats and spiders, including video, online stories in both fiction and non-fiction, and mythology.  Don’t miss the teacher resources to help you get creepy, crawly but cool in your classroom.

There is a richness of resources about Halloween that won’t cost teachers a dime - no tricks - and engage students in activities and learning that will be a treat!