Friday, May 2, 2014

Is Web 2.0 outdated in 2014?

Any readers out there remember the good old web 1.0? We’ve been thinking about web 1.0 with a kind of a nostalgia these days…the need to go through Yahoo and create an actual directory (fact check needed), so that people could use the web in an orderly fashion.  That was long before the advent of complicated search algorithms. (Thanks, Google!).

For 17 years, has been online, taming some of the unruliness of online resources. We’ve always worked to serve teachers and respond to their needs...and from that service perspective came the creation of several websites to support teaching and learning. One of those was Web 2.0 Tools, a site that organized resources and supports for teaching when dealing with web 2.0 tools.

But last month, we dissolved the Web 2.0 site. Why, you ask?

Well, here is what we have been thinking about.  The web is starting to remind us once again of that untamed, wild web from back in the day.  We started to see that with the advent of mobile technologies, and the rise of Google Chrome and its huge box of extensions, a site about web 2.0 tools just wasn’t enough anymore.

So’s Create website was born, a site that incorporates the web 2.0 tools from our old site, but also includes extensions, web apps and mobile device apps (Apple. Android and Microsoft).  It’s a searchable site that will allow us to respond more deeply and to a broader audience than simply web 2.0. In addition to the cool tools, Create houses several resources about approaches to teaching that are related to the internet, for example, gamification, game-based learning and Minecraft.

Even as we dissolve the web 2.0 site and embrace the new wild west of extensions and web apps, we recognize that the (old) web 2.0 tools/platforms may still be the great equalizer….but more on that another day.