Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why a Special Edition on Ereading?

Reposted from Listserv (Feb. 2014)

If you’ve ever tried to work with a boy who is a reluctant reader, then you know it can be a challenge. Here are some personal observations that the team has made while working with reluctant readers:
  • They generally like to read non-fiction stuff about dangerous, weird or gross things.
  • E-reading can spark reluctant readers, “tricking” them into reading. It has been our experience that boys can have a strong preference for reading online, in e-formats, with some kind of electronic device.

Keeping these two observations in mind, the Team has created a new Special Edition: Danger Read On! We are hoping the title, content and format of this special edition will entice some of our reluctant readers--what boy isn't going to love finding out about Dangerous Disasters, Disgusting Things, Germs and Monsters?

We’ve taken the time to collect and curate engaging digital content, so that you can focus on working with readers. It’s our hope that this resource will be put to good and frequent use with boys (and even some of those girls!).   Just for fun, we’ve included some teacher resources on Transliteracy, Boys and Reading, Graphic Novels and high-interest Book lists.

As we’ve mentioned, this kind of Special Edition is a first for us. We hope you enjoy it and we’d really love to have your feedback. So, tell your students to beware! Danger, Read on!